William Regal Has Given This Advice To Members Of The AEW Roster

William Regal is someone who has decades of involvement in the wrestling industry, with much of that time spent on television or behind the scenes producing it. In the latest episode of his "Gentleman Villain" podcast, Regal spoke about the importance of staying aware of the camera and the audience at home, especially when it comes to facial expressions.


"I gave a talk to people at AEW about this recently," Regal said. "People do incredible stuff, but you've got to think about being a TV show, and doing your stuff on air. Well, if you're doing opposite to the camera, it's great for the people in the building. It's not great for the people at home. ... Every second you're on TV, it's precious time."

Regal emphasized the fact that people often knock WWE for having a certain style, but that style is meant to provide the best look at what's happening in the ring. "You want to have the best TV show. You're making television," Regal continued. "You want to be able to see as much of what's going on as possible. If you're doing it all on the opposite side, by the time these cameras get to you, a lot of time it's missed ... or [we're] getting half the move instead of an incredible move that I can see."


During his time working for WWE, Regal was an integral part of the "NXT" brand, helping develop young talent and get them ready for the main roster. He also served as the onscreen general manager. Since making the move over to AEW, it seems he has kept up his role of mentoring younger performers by offering useful advice both for their own careers and the TV product at large.