15 Triple Threat Matches WWE Fans Won't Ever Forget

As professional wrestling has evolved, so have the match types and stipulations. From elimination chambers to scramble matches, wrestling is constantly adapting to add intrigue and excitement. The traditional singles match or a two on two tag team match is the norm, but the addition of additional competitors makes for an intriguing contest. One of the most popular match types — and a relatively new one to WWE — is the triple threat, which adds a competitor or team to the one versus one formula.

The unpredictability of adding a third competitor makes the triple threat stipulation one of the most exciting in all of wrestling, and allows for protecting certain wrestlers from taking a pin or submission loss. The match is also usually contested under no disqualification rules, which allows for more hardcore action, as well as outside interference. Beginning with the threesome of Crush vs. Savio Vega vs. Faarooq at In Your House 17: Ground Zero on September 7, 1997, the match become a staple of the WWE product. The triple threat stipulation has gone on to produce some of the most famous matches and moments in WWE history, including unforgettable championship wins and WrestleMania main events.

Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns, WrestleMania 31

After controversially winning the 2015 Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns was set to face the monstrous Brock Lesnar in a clash of generational talents. Lesnar brutalized Reigns throughout the match, while Paul Heyman looked on with glee. German suplex after German suplex and F5 after F5 made it seem that Brock would easily retain. Then enter Seth Rollins, and his Money In The Bank briefcase. After officially cashing in his opportunity and nailing Reigns with a stomp, Seth would shockingly become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Rollins cash-in is one of the most memorable and shocking WWE moments of all-time, solidifying him as a main event level talent. Before Rollins' cash-in, the singles match between Brock and Roman was full of physical action, and the triple threat is truly unforgettable.

Since this legendary happening, all three men have gone onto even higher heights and accomplishments. Brock and Roman have had many matches, as have Seth and Roman, and all three are considered and booked as some of the most important pillars of the WWE today. 

Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz, SummerSlam 2000

A favorite match of many WWE fans, the six competitors in this match put on a must-see spectacle. The inaugural of the famous Table, Ladders and Chairs (TLC) trio of matches, the other two extreme contests occurring at WrestleMania X-Seven and WrestleMania 2000. (That said, the Mania 2000 match was technically not listed as a TLC match, but instead a triangle ladder match.) The hardcore nature of these dangerous clashes made the triple threat team matches an instant hit, and helped all six wrestlers reach new levels of popularity and fame. Jeff's missed Swanton Bomb attempt to a prone to Bubba Ray Dudley on a table, and Lita pushing Edge and Christian off of the ladders that were in their grasp are two of the best spot in a match full of highlights. 

The violence and risk-taking of this match is next level, as all of the participants were more than willing to put their bodies on the line for the sake of the fans entertainment. As would become each team's trademark, Edge and Christian smashed their opponents with the chairs, the Dudleyz looked to send everyone through the tables, the Hardy Boyz flew off the ladders. After all the mayhem and extreme spots, Edge and Christian would come out the victors of this classic match, retaining their tag team championship belts. 

 The influence of this match and the other early TLC clashes cannot be understated, as the TLC match went on to be the basis of an entire pay-per-view event, and the three weapons are synonymous with pro wrestling. This trio of teams marked their place in wrestling history with their TLC bouts, and no true fan will ever forget them. 

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch, WrestleMania 32

Three of the most crucial components of the women's evolution were the focus of this terrific triple threat match, which was full of exhilarating action. Coming into the match, Charlotte was the Divas Champion, a title that would be retired and replaced by the WWE Women's Championship, and the first ever holder of that belt would be decided in this match. Sasha Banks entrance with her cousin Snoop Dogg was unforgettable, as was the action from all these three decorated champion competitors. With some help from her father Ric, Charlotte was able to remain champion, but any of these three could have been a suitable choice as the winner. This is one of the attributes that makes triple threat like this so intriguing, and many times hard to predict.  

It's a historic moment for women's wrestling, and a match that delivered on the promise made by the trailblazing competitors. One of Charlotte's most picturesque moonsault came in this triple threat, absolutely nailing both Lynch and Banks on the outside. The end of the match saw all three women trading submission attempts and close near falls. After some incredible moments, Charlotte submitted Lynch with the figure four leg lock.

Batista vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton, WrestleMania XX

After an unprecedented wave of fan support, Bryan was forced to face seemingly insurmountable odds to even be added to this WrestleMania XXX match. After defeating Triple H earlier in the night, Bryan earned his spot in the scheduled Batista vs. Randy Orton main event match for the title. The match is also notable as a showdown between former Evolution members Batista and Orton, who were excellent heel foils for the crowd favorite Bryan. It looked like Bryan would be taken out of the match when he was Batista Bombed and RKO'd through the announce table by the Evolution duo. Of course the teamwork wouldn't last, as Orton hit a RKO on his former tag team partner, but Batista was able to kick out. After a grueling 30 minute contest, Bryan submitted Batista with the Yes Lock, completing his championship destiny. 

Bryan's path to inclusion and eventual win in this all-time memorable match is a great example of how the triple threat stipulation can be used to create something new and unexpected for all wrestling fans. The passion and joy that the crowd gave the performers of this story was given back in the best way possible, and that is when professional wrestling is truly at its best. The culmination and celebration of the Yes movement is something that WWE fans will remember forever.

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins, Royal Rumble 2015

One of the most thrilling and competitive matches in recent WWE history, this battle was an amazing showcase for all three participants. The powerhouses Brock Lesnar and John Cena pitted against Seth Rollins and his crafty style made this a classic styles clash with three of the best talents anywhere in the world. All three men were able to gain crowd-popping near pin falls, as Cena relied upon his Attitude Adjustment, Lesnar his F5 and German suplexes, and Seth his Curb Stomp. 

In-ring, this contest had everything a fan would want. Hand-picked by The Authority and backed by J&J Security, it seemed destined that Seth would become the champion. At one point, Rollins hit a elbow dive onto Brock laid out across the commentary desk. The drop is absolutely picture perfect and one of the defining moves of Rollins' career. The thrilling leap took Lesnar out for a sizable piece of the contest, adding to the delicious drama. This left Seth and Cena to battle it out, and the two future hall of famers put on a clinic trading big move after bigger move. In the end, Lesnar returned and dropped Rollins with a thunderous F5 to retain his championship status, and end a modern classic. 

Chris Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, WrestleMania XX

Best friends turned fierce adversaries is a classic pro wrestling story, and one done brilliantly by Michaels and HHH. The two Degeneration X members had a war at Royal Rumble 2004, in which both men were left laying down and unable to answer the referee count. This left HHH as the World Heavyweight Champion, but the feud still burning and the question of who is the best wrestler and true champion unanswered. At that same event, Chris Benoit was the iron man winner of the Royal Rumble, giving him the opportunity to challenge for the title. The stage was set, and for the first time in WWE history, a world title was on the line in the main event of WrestleMania XX.

The Mania XX match was quick-paced and full of big maneuvers, as both Benoit and Michaels looked to be the one to defeat the champion Triple H. After briefly reuniting to send Benoit crashing through a table, it looked like it would come down to HHH versus Michaels to settle it for the belt. As was the case in their Royal Rumble match, Michaels and HHH were bloodied, with HHH's face opened up after multiple Sweet Chin Music superkicks to the face by Shawn. In a surprise result, Benoit was able to make an unexpected recovery, and put Triple H into a cross face hold. After all the punishment he had endured, the hold was enough to make the champion submit and give Benoit a famous championship victory.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey, WrestleMania 35

This match was originally scheduled to be a singles competition between Becky Lynch and former MMA stalwart Ronda Rousey, but Charlotte Flair was inserted into the picture, creating a triple threat match worthy of its main event status. On the grandest stage of them all, all three women in this match looked to prove that they were the alpha female of the WWE. Besides bragging rights and top star status, the match also featured the highest level of stakes and prestige. Both the "Raw" and "SmackDown" Women's Titles were up for grabs, a rarity in triple threats.

The first WrestleMania main event featuring female competitors, this significant match will be remembered for the result more than anything else. Returning to the move that gave her the win in the WrestleMania 32 triple threat against Lynch and Sasha Banks, Charlotte had victory in hand with the Figure Four Leg Lock on Rousey. Then, out of nowhere, Lynch broke up the hold with a big leg drop. This opened the door for Lynch to reverse Ronda's Piper Pit, and pin Rousey for the winner-take-all championship victory. The crowing of Two Belt Becks will forever be etched in the minds of fans and elevated Becky Lynch into a upper level of wrestling memory. Lynch, Flair, and Rousey are still at the top of the WWE women's division, and this three way feud set the basis for all three to be career rivals, continually battling for supremacy. 

Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H, Armageddon 2008

The match was a career-defining moment for Jeff Hardy, who was able to secure the WWE Championship for the first time. Hardy was able to capture the title by defeating two of the most accomplished competitors in WWE history, as Edge and HHH have won more titles than almost anyone else in the sport. Beating two talents with the pedigree of Edge and Triple H gave Hardy's victory even more credibility, another benefit of the triple threat match stipulation. 

As was his calling card throughout his career, Hardy relied upon his risk-taking antics to get the crowd on his side, which was enough to propel Jeff to the title win. Edge came into the match as the champion, and was ready to do anything to retain his belt, including an attempted con-chair-to on HHH. Hardy prevented the brutal attack, and was savvy enough to use his patented Swanton Bomb to break up a pin attempt by Triple H, and then smartly cover Edge himself in route to a title win. After the match, Triple H raised Jeff's arm up in recognition of Hardy's hard-work and desire to become champion, a great sign of respect that will help ensure that this match will live on in the memories of WWE fans forever. 

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Edge, WrestleMania 37 Night 2

One of the last great matches in Daniel Bryan's WWE career, barring a future return, this contest was a fitting WrestleMania main event. The trio of competitors each had to surmount medical issues that could have stopped them from ever performing again. This, and their storytelling ability in the ring, made this match feel unique and special.

This match and eventual victory was a huge step in the rise of the Tribal Chief iteration of Roman Reigns. Reigns was able to smash, stack, and pin both Bryan and Edge, and retain his championship status in a statement-making fashion. Both Bryan and Edge had moments of near victory in this contest, adding to the excitement. Edge was nearly able to make Roman tap out with a cross face hold, aided by the piece of chair in Reigns' mouth, and Bryan had numerous near falls that were thwarted by Roman. Reigns was forced to go into a brutal place to end Edge, delivering his own vicious con-chair-to on Edge, with some help from his right hand man Jey Uso. The Head of the Table and leader of The Bloodline was able to retain his Universal Championship, and cement himself as the top of the top star of the WWE in the process.

Alpha Academy vs. RK-Bro vs. Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, Monday Night Raw

One of the best non-pay-per-view (or premium live event) matches in WWE history, this triple threat match for the "Raw" Tag Team Championship is a classic of this modern era. Full of jaw-dropping action and near falls, all three teams and six men looked like studs. The flow of this three way was something special, as the six wrestlers worked in a excellent harmony to delight and thrill the crowd. This level of expertise and the high stakes of championship gold led to a unforgettable match. 

The bad guy duo of Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens seemed to have had figured out the magic formula that would lead them to tag gold, as the pair executed double team maneuvers with crispness and ease. One of the hottest and unexpected tag team pairings in WWE history, RK-Bro reached a fever pitch in popularity among fans, who clamored for a victory for Randy Orton and Matt Riddle. Orton was a house of fire in this contest, playing all the hits, including a double draped DDT onto Rollins and Chad Gable. After some wild action by all three teams, the WWE universe got what they desired in this match. Randy was able to hit an amazing RKO on Gable, and Riddle showed some smarts by stealing the pin, giving the RK-Bro team a championship victory and the fans a "Raw" main event that will be in their minds for years to come. 

John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, Survivor Series 2009

Even in the later stage of their careers, the DX duo of Shawn Michaels and Triple H showed that they could put on a great match, and this one was aided by the inclusion of John Cena. By Survivor Series 2009, Cena was already cemented as a top tier member of the WWE roster and multiple time champion, making him a suitable participant to make the DX reunion feel all the more special.

Michaels and HHH as WWE legends, both as partners and as rivals. In this match, the duo were both working in a great harmony of teamwork and brotherly one-upmanship. Always a bit cheeky, Michaels started the match hot with a big Sweet Chin Music kick to his tag team partner HHH, and another one later in the match. The surprise start was a great moment, added by the dramatic zoom onto Cena's face full of shock. Shawn and HHH were the story of this match, and the two didn't pull any punches, including HHH putting his best friend through the announce table with a spinebuster. Not to be left behind, Cena looked to spoil the reunion fun of the DX men, and was successful in retaining his WWE Championship during the match after AAing Michaels onto HHH's stomach, and pinning The Game. All three legends were able to get their offense in to the crowd's delight, creating a number of memorable spots on the way to an unforgettable match. 

Charlotte Flair vs. Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley, NXT Takeover: In Your House

One of the best matches in NXT history, this triple threat showcased three generations of the black and gold brand. One of the original megastars of NXT, Charlotte Flair made a triumphant return by winning the NXT women's championship from Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 36 for her second reign atop the black and gold. The two powerful competitors clashed once again, this time aided by one of the premier high-flyers in all of wrestling: Io Shirai. 

The most remarkable move in this match came from the eventual victor in Shirai, who is known for her effortless looking high-risk maneuvers. The Genius of the Sky lived up to her name with a gorgeous crossbody dive from the top of the replica house that was the namesake of the In Your House events. This thrilling and unexpected leap is a highlight package staple, and one of the things that makes this match a must-watch. The move took out both Flair and Ripley, but it was not the finish. The trio would make their way back into the ring, where Shirai was able to moonsault onto Rhea, with Io's knees cracking across Rhea's face in a nasty spot. Io pinned Ripley for the title. Io's coronation as champ was an exciting development in NXT's rich history, and eventually led to Rhea's call up to the main roster, where, soon the newly minted IYO Sky joined her. 

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns, Battleground 2016

The first and perhaps only three way match between the members of the Shield came at a somewhat small stage at Battleground 2016. One of the highlights of the match was Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins working together to power-bomb Roman Reigns through the announce table, which was the signature finisher for the Shield before Rollins' betrayal sent the trio on their own paths to stardom. Dean Ambrose came into the match as the WWE Champion, and was able to successfully defend against the two men that knew him best.

This match was a showcase of the mix of brutality and wrestling skill that makes triple threats so interesting. In a callback to his ultimate betrayal, Rollins utilized the chair shot to the back of Ambrose.

The three men are intertwined in wrestling history forever, and had many matches in different combinations of two during their time in WWE, but only one triple threat together. The three members of this match are now the absolute premier talent in wrestling, although in different companies.

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair, Crown Jewel 2021

Three of the best in-ring talents in women's wrestling made history in this triple threat in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel 2021. Bianca's two biggest career triumphs in her still rising superstardom came against Sasha and Becky in separate matches at WrestleMania 37 Night One and WrestleMania 38 Night One, where she captured the "SmackDown" and "Raw" championship respectively. The chemistry the EST has with both women is top-tier, and is clear in this contest. 

Bianca was able to showcase her incredible strength and athleticism, taken to an even higher level by the selling of Banks and Lynch. To counter, Becky and Sasha relied on their experience and skill. Sasha was able to hit a perfect Three Amigos, and Lynch was able to lock both challengers into a double Dis-arm-her. After some terrific back and forth action, including Belair hitting a KOD on Becky, a memorable end occurred: Lynch was able to use her sneaky side to win the match, utilizing the ropes to pick up a pin fall on Banks. This allowed for Lynch to retain her "SmackDown" Women's Championship title, and continue the feud between Bianca and Becky that would culminate with their WrestleMania match. The three women in this contest were able to blend their special talent and chemistry to create a fun and memorable match, and one that will hopefully help expand and grow women's wrestling during WWE's Saudi Arabia shows.

Kurt Angle vs. The Rock vs. Triple H, SummerSlam 2000

These three era-defining workers gave it their all in this championship bout. Coming into the contest, The Rock was at the height of his WWE popularity and walked into the match as the WWE champ. The Rock faced two top tier wrestlers in HHH and Kurt Angle, a true challenge to his championship reign. This match is full of near falls and last second breakups, two attributes that make triple threat matches so fun. 

The match is also infamous for Angle's concussion, which took Angle out for much of the contest on a stretcher. HHH attempted to Pedigree Angle through the Spanish announce table, but the structure collapsed and Kurt landed awkwardly on his neck and head. This left two of the Attitude Era greats to hammer one another, as The Rock and The Game fought around the arena, battering one another with big blows. Always ready to fight against the toughest odds, Angle, with assistance from Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon, returned to the match. Angle and HHH had near fall opportunities to pin Rocky for the win, but were both able to prevent one another from securing the belt. In the end, The Rock would electrify the millions of WWE fans by hitting The People's Elbow on Angle, and walk out of SummerSlam 2000 as the champ.