Tessa Blanchard Gives Update On What She's Up To

Tessa Blanchard has been somewhat of a polarizing figure in the world of pro wrestling. Spanning multiple promotions, she has been accused of both bullying and making racial slurs. After she vacated the Impact World Championship in the summer of 2020, Blanchard kept her schedule limited until she disappeared from the squared circle completely by September of that year. She ultimately returned to the independent scene this past July, following a falling out with WOW Wrestling.


In a new interview with "Sportskeeda," Blanchard addressed her long absence from the spotlight, but still made it clear that there were certain things she wanted to keep private for the sake of her family. "Right now, I'm in school [at UTSA - University of Texas at San Antonio] which is like my main focus," she noted. "I try to do one to two of these wrestling get-togethers or matches once a month. Honestly, not too much more than that at the moment."

As a student at UTSA, Blanchard has her sights set on earning a degree in international affairs, describing it as "lots of history, politics, and global arenas." Juggling rare wrestling appearances with attending school appears to have helped the former Impact World Champion find a sense of inner peace, a quality she is adamant about holding on to as she moves forward in her life and career. "I don't want to compromise my happiness for anything: not for money, not for popularity, not for followers, not for any of that," she explained.