Jim Ross Gives Cancer Treatment Update

Legendary pro wrestling commentator Jim Ross is still dealing with the aftermath of skin cancer, but he's hoping for progress over the coming days and weeks.

"I'm going to start next week with some treatment," Ross said during the latest episode of his "Grilling JR" podcast. "I want to say a hyperbaric chamber or something like that, something along those lines. I'm going in on Tuesday for my first test run, we'll see how that's going to work. They think it's going to speed up the healing and if it does, then I win. That's what I'm looking for, a couple of wins in this project."

Ross first announced he was diagnosed with skin cancer last October. He underwent a series of treatments that kept him off of AEW commentary for nearly a month. The 50-year broadcasting veteran even stated that his career was in jeopardy at the time, mentioning how difficult travel was while dealing with the situation.

Back in December, however, Ross officially announced that he's cancer free. He returned to "Dynamite" but also added that he'd have to continue treatment to heal his wound, a process that's continued to this day.

On his latest podcast, Ross stated that he's "making some progress" but believes the treatments to heal his wound will continue for "about a year." He also mentioned the difficulties that come with medicating and dressing the wound, also stating how happy and "blessed" he is that he's currently "better than I was."

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