Britt Baker Comments On Comparisons To Top WWE Star

There's no doubt that Britt Baker is the face of the women's division in AEW. Her impressive in-ring work and mic skills, along with signature matches against Thunder Rosa and Hikaru Shida, helped establish her as a top star in the company.


During her time in AEW, Baker has even gained comparisons to WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair. Baker talked with Swerve Strickland on his "Swerve City Podcast" about how she feels about the comparison. "I do get compared to Charlotte all the time on Twitter, which to me I'm like, 'Cool, one of the best wrestlers of all time,'" she said.

Baker understands the responsibilities that come with being the face of the company, including appearing on TV every week and at events such as Comic-Con to promote AEW to new audiences. But she's also aware that she's always under a microscope and that people are constantly looking for ways to criticize and dehumanize her.

The two stars share similar experiences. Flair has had her fair share of criticism over the years, as she was consistently placed in the world title and main event picture. Baker stated that they have spoken before, and revealed the advice that Flair gave her in response to the negativity.


"[Charlotte] and I have chatted," Baker said. "She has given me so much advice in ways just to like get through this. She really has given me some solid advice to stay true to what you know is true and don't worry about the narrative that fans are creating or what they think they want to be true, because you know what's going on, you know how hard you're working, and she's been fantastic to me. I would love to wrestle her."

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