Kevin Owens Has Never Had Singles Match Against This Top WWE Star

Kevin Owens has had a plethora of high-profile matches since joining WWE in 2014, most notably facing Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at this year's WrestleMania. That said, Owens has battled a large majority of the active roster, in addition to legends. However, there is one performer he has never faced one-on-one, even though both Superstars have been in the same company for a while.


While speaking to Tom Fallon on "The Happy Hour," Owens revealed his hope to finally have a match with former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio. "We've had a multi-man match here and there. We've teamed together, but we never had a singles match," Owens said. "I really can't imagine anybody right now that I'd love to wrestle other than Rey."

Presently, Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens find themselves on different brands. Mysterio recently moved to "SmackDown" in a trade that saw him and Baron Corbin swap places. Kevin Owens, on the other hand, remains on the red brand with no possible draft or "Superstar Shakeup" in immediate sight. 

Despite the current unlikelihood of a singles match between these two veterans, there is another possible bout that Owens has his eye on. Namely, Owens wants to recreate the magic with a WWE Hall of Famer from the "Raw" roster. "I'd love to do something with Edge as well. We had one match at Madison Square Garden around the holidays there last year," he noted. "That was great, but I'd love to do more."