Latest News On The Next WWE Draft

For three straight years, WWE has held a brand draft in the month of October, changing up the landscape of their company months before the start of WrestleMania season. Since Triple H has taken over WWE Creative, fans of the world's largest wrestling company have been pleasantly surprised by the superstars the former World Champion has brought back over his short stint. With all these significant players returning to the company, WWE fans would like to see a "superstar shakeup" but according to several reports that don't seem likely to happen any time soon.

As of this week, Fightful Select reported that USA Network has told talent that the draft won't be happening right after Clash at the Castle like it was slated to, rather it will occur sometime after WrestleMania 39. The 2022 draft has not been officially announced by the WWE and no talent has been told whether or not it will be happening and when.

In an update to that report, the Wrestling Observer is stating that there was "no date etched in stone" for the event to take place but that October was mentioned. The report also states that it's currently undecided when it will take place, with Triple H knowing this is a decision "he has to make" in terms of when or if. In the past, the WWE draft has been used as a spot to introduce new call-ups from "NXT" to the main roster, but with news of several main roster call-ups being rumored, it doesn't seem likely that the draft will be their way into the WWE at this time.