Zelina Vega Notes What Triple H Likes About Her

Zelina Vega is ready for fans in WWE to see the new her, but someone who has always seen what she is capable of is Triple H. 

Vega was a special guest on Wednesday's "Busted Open Radio" and she was asked by Tommy Dreamer about what it's like to have worked in two different regimes with WWE: Vince McMahon's old iteration of the company and now Triple H's vision. She said there is a different change in the air.


"Different sets of eyes can bring different sets of opportunities," Vega said. She noted Triple H first saw her synergy down in NXT. "Even the second that he saw me and Andrade together he was like, 'Oh yeah this is gonna work.'" 

According to Vega, Triple H told her, "You're so small but you're about seven feet in your head but I love that." Vega has been able to cultivate that further since she has returned to "SmackDown" with Santos Escobar and Legado Del Fantasma to feud with Hit Row.

"I'm not the type of person to bluff and when it comes to confidence, if I don't feel it, you'll know and right now I feel it more than ever because I am that person, I am ready for that, I am in that position because I prepared myself enough to be that person," she told Dreamer whom she has known for years now. "It's nice that you see it, the fans see it and eventually, people are just gonna, they're going to see the side I've been waiting to kind of release and it's been held back for a very long time, but now it's finally getting the chance to come out."