Dax Harwood Is Ready For 'One Last Run' With FTR

Dax Harwood has got the wrestling world talking with his latest Instagram post, which alluded to him being ready for a final run alongside Cash Wheeler as FTR. Right now they hold three of the top tag team titles in the industry as they are champions for AAA, ROH, and NJPW — and they are actively attempting to get their hands on the AEW World Tag Team Titles. However, that didn't stop him from pondering the future as Harwood wrote: 

"All we've ever wanted to do in life was be a professional wrestler. Height, body-type, accent, life situations, we had all of it against us. Now, we leave a body of work I think we can be proud of...When we started this journey in 2014, we tried to make sure we were always different from everyone else wrestling currently. We also wanted to work so hard that eventually, we'd go down as one of the greatest tag teams to ever do it. I'm not sure if we have reached that, but we'll damn sure keep trying...Thank y'all for going on this journey with us. Not sure where the next few years will take us, but I can't wait for One Last Run. Top Guys, out."

Of course, Harwood didn't give any time limit on how long this 'last run' will last, and there is no clear talk of retirement. The duo will likely be pushing to feud against Austin and Colten Gunn moving forward after they played a role in costing them their recent number-one contenders match for the AEW World Tag Team Championships against Swerve In Our Glory.