Corey Graves Comments On Vic Joseph Leaving 'After The Bell'

Corey Graves has been the host of WWE's "After the Bell" podcast since its beginning, with his co-host being "NXT" commentator Vic Joseph. However, Joseph will no longer be the co-host on the podcast. In an interview with "Sports Illustrated," former "NXT" Tag Team Champion Graves opened up about Joseph leaving "After the Bell" and revealed who will be replacing him.


"Vic Joseph has been my co-host for the last year or so, and Vic is awesome," Graves says. "Now we're putting a fresh coat of paint on After The Bell, and our crew is trying something new here. Kevin [Patrick] did a guest spot a few weeks back, and we had flow and chemistry. So we'll work to capture that dynamic every week. I'm excited to see where it goes."

After the Bell with Corey Graves airs on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify on Fridays — with the most recent guest being Shawn Michaels on October 14th.

This is not the only time Kevin Patrick and Graves worked together, as the pairing are the play-by-play commentators for "WWE Raw." Graves has found himself behind the "Raw" commentary booth for some time, originally starting out in "NXT" following injuries sustained that kept him from competitor in the ring; however, Patrick is newer to the commentary scene. Patrick's only WWE commentary experience prior to this pairing has been on "Main Event," which airs on Hulu and is taped prior to "Raw."


Patrick's move to be a commentator on "Raw" is fairly new, as WWE made changes to all three of their commentary teams in early October. Graves and Patrick will be calling the action on their fourth straight "Raw" together tonight on the October 31st, 2022, edition of "Raw," which will see the return of Roman Reigns to "Raw."