Hugo Savinovich Says Ric Flair Could Drink As Much As This WWE Hall Of Famer

In the history of professional wrestling, few figures have a reputation for partying matching that of Andre the Giant. Andre was said to have to drink about 12 beers to get himself drunk, and it was a regular occurrence for the big man. 

However, if former WWE Spanish language commentator Huge Savinovich is to be believed, Ric Flair could put down just as much as Andre. Savinovich spoke about Flair's drinking prowess during a recent interview with Sportskeeda, and revealed that Flair would go out, drink nearly as much as Andre, and then get right back to work afterwards.

"With Flair, he could do almost the same drinking as Andre the Giant," Savinovich said. "But he would still do a one-hour [match] with one of the talents in that country, so that company could have the street credit of having their champion face Flair, the world champion. [They] did not beat Flair, but went 60 minutes with Flair. You say, 'How the heck can he do it [for] one hour after he just stopped drinking kamikazes and knocked all of us out with the alcohol.' ... And then he would still be the last guy standing in that freaking bar."

Savinovich would go on to reveal that Flair was the first person he ever saw tip $500 on a bar tab. While Flair has seen his fair share of controversies, especially in recent years, it's good to see that the "Nature Boy" at least knows how to take care of waitstaff.

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