Dark Side Creator Addresses Rumor WWE Pressured A&E To Cancel Show

Since it began airing, Vice's "Dark Side of the Ring" has taken viewers behind the curtain into some of the darker parts of the wrestling business with episodes about stars such as Owen Hart and Brian Pillman. "Dark Side of the Ring" has currently been put on hold by Vice as the company has begun producing a new show on their network – "Tales From the Territories," a lighter show that covers stories from the territory days of professional wrestling. 


At one point, a rumor began circulating that WWE had tried pressuring A&E in an attempt to get Vice to cancel "Dark Side of the Ring." "Dark Side of the Ring" co-creator Evan Husney addressed such rumblings on the "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast."

"Some rumor about how like, WWE was putting pressure on A&E to not, you know, let our shows, you know, like it's too controversial, so we're going to cancel it," Husney said, "but, you know, Vice would never do that because it's their most successful show. If 'Dark Side' wasn't successful, I could see not doing another season for sure." Husney admitted that "Season three had some controversial moments," such as the "Plane Ride From Hell" episode, which affected stars such as Ric Flair and Tommy Dreamer. Flair's sexual assault allegation resurfaced when the documentary came out and Dreamer was suspended from Impact following his comments.


Husney revealed he could see why people may believe the rumors may be true. "I could see where people would put two and two together," Husney said. "Any form of conspiracy is just always the most boring answer or is just the most boring. It's not all an elaborate conspiracy and in this case, the boring answer is we just made another show for a second."