Ava Raine On How The Rock Feels About Her Joining Schism

A week after Ava Raine declared she wouldn't be defined by, "any preconceived notions" that others have of her, The Rock's daughter made it clear she wasn't "brainwashed" into joining The Schism by Joe Gacy.

In a sitdown interview on the 11/01 episode of "WWE NXT," Raine provided insight into why she embraced her new "family."

"Everyone thought they knew everything, but I showed them that they no nothing," Raine said in the interview. "I've been around WWE my entire life, and nobody ever took the time to get to know me, until I met Joe [Gacy], Rip [Fowler] and Jagger [Reid]. They were the only people who took the time to see the real me."

"When I first started training at the WWE Performance Center, I suffered a devastating injury," Raine continued. "It was so bad that I had to undergo surgery. You know who texted me? You know who called me? This new guy – Joe Gacy. I didn't hear anything from people who claim to know me for years."

The segment ended with Vic Joseph bringing up a tweet from Cameron Grimes who accused Schism of "brainwashing" Raine into joining them. She made it clear that nobody brainwashed her, and she simply saw that The Schism could be much more than just her as an individual.

Raine then vowed that The Schism would "make an example" out of Grimes next week when he faces Gacy in a grudge match.

Shortly thereafter, WWE on BT Sport Twitter account shared a video clip of the interview segment, asking The Rock how he feels about his daughter joining a cult. In response, Raine seemingly took a shot at her father by tweeting "irrelevant."

While The Rock has yet to comment on his daughter's "WWE NXT" debut, Jimmy Uso recently offered Raine a spot in The Bloodline faction.