Kane Decides To Go One-On-One Against 'All-Age Drag Shows'

Professional wrestlers are like everyone else: they pay their bills, they enjoy watching a movie or two on the streaming service of their choosing, and they have opinions on a wide variety of topics that wrestling fans are likely to hear about. These days when fans hear that a professional wrestler has a controversial opinion on something, they'd be forgiven if their mind went straight to this thought: that's got to be Kane, aka Glenn Jacobs.

The former WWE star turned Republican mayor of Knox County, Tenn., expressed his thoughts this week via Twitter about drag shows taking place in his county.

"Over the past couple days, my office has been flooded with calls concerning all-ages drag shows," Jacobs tweeted. "Let me be clear: I don't care what consenting adults do, but leave kids out of it. As Mayor, I will do everything I can to ensure these events don't happen on Knox County property."

If folks thought that Jacobs would stop with just the one tweet, they would be mistaken, as the mayor pressed on. "Currently, however, no law on the books gives me authority to address what happens in private businesses," he tweeted. "I do and will support any effort of our state legislature to prevent the sexualization of our children."

While he has moved on to his political career and his Twitter rants, Jacobs remains part of the WWE family. The WWE Hall of Famer was honored last month by the promotion to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kane's debut on WWE programming.