Chris Jericho Nearly Puked Shooting Movie That's Making People Puke

Chris Jericho may have been dishing out the scares in the new horror movie "Terrifier 2," but when it came to one frightening dining scene, the AEW star had trouble swallowing his own medicine.

Speaking about the new movie with Screen Rant recently, Jericho recalled barely being able to make it through one scene without puking because he found the edible stage props were so gross.


"In the film, I have to eat like, a zombie platter," he explained. "It's Halloween, so my wife has made all these zombie treats. And one of them was a jellied eyeball. And I think it was kind of custard with some kind of almost the plastic candy, and I had to eat like five of them. And they were cold, and they were gelatinous. And it was really kind of getting to me. It was really gross. And I remember [director Damien Leone] was like, 'Can you just eat one more?' And I was like, 'Dude, I'll eat one more, and then that's it! Because I'm gonna f***ing puke if I have to do another one of these.'"

Ironically, the story of Jericho's difficulty keeping the gelatinous eyeballs down comes as "Terrifier 2" has been making headlines in recent weeks for being so scary that it's making some viewers pass out and others puke themselves.


The shock-filled gore fest is a followup to Leone's 2016 film "Terrifier," centered around a killer clown named "Art the Clown." Jericho's cameo in the movie marks his seventh film appearance since 2006. The current AEW star and ROH World Champion has also appeared in films such as "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot," "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!" and "MacGruber."