WWE Reportedly Didn't Like Bodhi Hayward's Work Ethic And More On His Release

There reportedly was more to Bodhi Hayward's release from WWE than meets the eye. According to Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, the main reason an "NXT" talent is released is because they showed a lack of progression. Meltzer said that not only did Hayward fit into that category, but there were also other issues. WWE reportedly was not satisfied with Hayward's work ethic, specifically with him not showing up on time for events.


Hayward was positioned as Andre Chase's top student at Chase U, as the duo tagged together. He said he was shocked about being released, as Hayward believed he and Chase U were bound for the main roster at some point. "It showed me that there is a lot more to this business that maybe I do have to learn about," Hayward said in an interview with PWMania regarding his release.

Chase's classroom is not empty after Hayward's exit, however. He has recruited a new student in Duke Hudson. Over the past few months, Hudson has lost a string of matches and was due for a revamp.

Hayward, along with four other "NXT" talents, were released this week. In September, WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Operations and Strategy James Kimball gave details about how WWE recruits and evaluates talent. He noted that the evaluation occurs in six-month intervals with a full two-year assessment deciding whether you were "up or out."


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