Shawn Spears & Cassie Lee's First Baby's Name Revealed

Shawn Spears and Cassie Lee's baby boy has a name. On the most recent episode of "The Sessions" podcast with Renée Paquette, the AEW star shared that he and his wife Cassie Lee have decided on a name for their child. Lee, the former WWE and Impact Wrestling star, revealed in August that she was pregnant.

Spears, who has been off AEW television in recent months in the wake of his mother's death, told Paquette he already started to get his boy's name tattooed on his arm with an homage to his late mother. "Eventually someone's going to see this," Spears said about his tattoo, explaining why he wanted to share the baby's name on Paquette's podcast. "I'll tell you his name. I might get in trouble, but at the same time there's a reason I'm going to tell you the name," Spears said. "His name is going to be Austin Jay. The 'Jay' comes after Cass' brother. That's his name, so that's going to be his middle name. But I also have it already, kind of, on my arm, so we can't change our minds now."

Spears said his mother's urn "has angel wings on it," which are also shown in the tattoo. "Then the light that shines through kind of shines down on him," he explained, showing Paquette the tattoo-in-progress. "Before she passed away, she left him a message on one of those stuffed animal dolls with the voice box in it. She passed before she knew his name, but she knew he was going to be a boy and stuff and said 'I'll always be looking out for you, always be watching over you.' " Spears shared earlier this month that he and Lee made sure his mother was the first to know they were expecting.