Young Rock's Adrian Groulx Had To Build Up Courage To DM Dwayne Johnson

NBC's "Young Rock" is all about giving people what they want, in that they give you four versions of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. There's future Rock, who is running for president, there's Rock from his early 20s and even Rock in his teenage years. And then, there's the youngest Rock at the age of ten, portrayed by Adrian Groulx.


Despite portraying him, however, it took a long time for Groulx to interact with The Rock. In an interview with Wrestling Inc.'s Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Groulx revealed that one of his fellow "Young Rocks," Bradley Constant, had to give him a bit of a nudge.

"So Season 1, I didn't really get to have a Zoom chat with him or call, but at the end, or almost close to the end of the season, he sent me a really heartfelt video, which, I broke down in tears immediately," Groulx said. "But Season 2, I was never really reaching out to Dwayne. I'd sometimes comment on his post or whatever, and he'll comment on mine, but I never really had the guts to reach out to him one-on-one. So this season, Bradley finally pushed me to message him twice."


Even still, Groulx didn't formally interact with Rock until the production of Season 3. And he's ultimately very glad he did.

"I was never confident enough to actually send him a DM," Groulx said. "But this season, finally meeting him after [all] the years ... I've always heard he was so nice, but actually being there and meeting him in person, and him just talking to me, he was so nice as everybody said. It was everything I could ask for."

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