Backstage News On Whether Steve Austin Would Wrestle Another WWE Match

Could we see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin wrestle another match in WWE? According to the insider known as WrestleVotes in a new interview with Give Me Sport, that door may be open for discussion on Austin's side. 


"I know that he had a wonderful time doing it last year in Dallas," WrestleVotes was quoted as saying. "He was happy, he was elated. Let's say that the performance of the match, everything went so well and people loved it so much, so I know he was thrilled post-WrestleMania. And I'd say he was open to doing it again."

WrestleVotes would follow up via their Twitter account, saying, "Source believes Austin would definitely listen to any proposal for this years Mania. Me, nor the rest of the world, knows what his answer would be however."

Austin himself has commented on the possibility of appearing at WrestleMania 39. Not long after his WrestleMania match with Kevin Owens took place in Dallas, Austin mentioned that he would be open for an appearance again when WrestleMania hits Los Angeles, a city "Stone Cold" is all too familiar with.


"I am sure I am done wrestling, per se," Austin said on the "Brewbound Podcast" back in April. "But as part of WWE, I can't imagine that I would not be there in some capacity."

While the WWE Hall Of Famer has given no indication that he's interested in stepping back into the ring, one long-desired dream match is potentially on the table with CM Punk possibly negotiating his exit from AEW. The idea of Punk facing Austin goes back nearly 10 years, as the two notoriously had an intense confrontation during promotion of the "WWE '13" video game. Punk did comment on Austin's fight with Owens following the event, stating he was "VERY happy for Steve."