Jon Moxley Explains Decision To Enter Rehab

It might not have been Jon Moxley's intent to break the stigma of asking for help, but it certainly became a byproduct of his entering rehab. The AEW World Heavyweight Champion spoke with about making the tough decision to enter himself into rehab in October 2021 all while he was a prominent figure on the AEW card


"The simple short way to put is that you get to a certain point you've got a problem you can't fix yourself," Moxley said, noting that you call a plumber if your plumbing is backed up or a mechanic if your car is having issues. "At a certain point, when things are beyond your own control, you've got to call a professional and do a job that's much more expedient, efficient and thorough than you can do yourself."

Moxley made clear that entering rehab was the best decision he's ever made, pushing against the preconceived notions that come with acknowledging that you may need help. Being someone who likes to handle problems on his own, Moxley mentioned how there are feelings of embarrassment, something that likely stops people from getting the help they need.


"It's whatever. It's a lot quicker. It saves you a whole hell of a lot of trouble to deal with it head-on. But you've got to kind of get to that point, though, because you can try everything on your own first," he said.

At the time, Moxley was involved in an AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament for a future title shot. However, he fought against the current of his feelings to do the right thing for himself and his family.

"Maybe instead of going through a year of hell, maybe I'll bite this in the bud right now, and that would be cool," he added.