Wrestlers Respond To Braun Strowman's Comments About 'Floppy Floppers'

Braun Strowman is no stranger to sharing controversial opinions about wrestlers on social media. However, his latest viewpoint is already stirring debate among wrestlers and fans alike. Earlier today, "The Monster Among Men" took to Twitter and bragged about his match with Omos at WWE's Crown Jewel event. Strowman was proud of their outing, but he also took it upon himself to criticize wrestlers who perform high-flying maneuvers.


"Holy hell @TheGiantOmos can you believe we got 47 [star emojis] and reminded the people that no one cares about all these floppy floppers. Giants and Monster > flippy flipper bag your grocery's at @kroger #AirportTest #SizeIsThePrize #SwoleIsTheGoal," he wrote.

Fellow WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali responded on Twitter, asking Strowman if he can teach him "how to get fired." As previously reported, Strowman was released from WWE back in 2021, before returning to the company back in September. Strowman responded to Ali's tweet by asking, "don't you work in catering now?" Not content to let the giant have the last word, Ali said he "was definitely in the kitchen cooking [Strowman]."

Elsewhere, NJPW star Will Ospreay questioned why Strowman was so "mad" at other people in his profession succeeding. "It's dead funny that you actually done such a great job and yet you're mad at other people that do the same job as you," he wrote. "Relax my guy, just say you really enjoyed showing super heavyweight wrestling."


AEW's Chris Jericho also weighed in on the matter, claiming that he "used to bag groceries."