'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan Reportedly Interviewed For Dark Side Of The Ring

Fans of Vice TV's "Dark Side of the Ring" can expect a fourth season in the future for the popular series. While details have been scarce, a new report from PWInsider claims that wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan has been interviewed by the "Dark Side of the Ring" team. The exact topic Duggan was interviewed for has not been revealed.


"Dark Side of the Ring" co-creator Evan Husney recently appeared on the "Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling" podcast and confirmed that a new season was in the works. Husney and fellow "Dark Side of the Ring" co-creator Jason Eisener have said that the "Tales From the Territories" series took their focus away from the popular brand, but it isn't done. Husney has said that he expects an official word on "Dark Side of the Ring" season four to get out soon. At this time, however, he can't go into further details. He's also expressed his desire to turn "Tales From the Territories" into an established brand before returning to work on "Dark Side of the Ring."

Husney has teased what could be in store for a future episode on season four of "Dark Side of the Ring." During an appearance on "The Sessions with Renee Paquette," Husney shared his belief that a deep dive into the history of Matt Borne — WWE's original Doink the Clown — would make for great material on "Dark Side of the Ring." Whether or not Husney and Eisener will go in that direction remains to be seen. One thing that's definitely not likely is Duggan receiving his own episode, as his career and life have thankfully stayed almost entirely clear of the territory "Dark Side" covers.