Xavier Woods And 'DaParty' Drop Latest Reunion Tease

Ever since 2011, Xavier Woods has made a statement in WWE. Over the past eleven years, Woods has accumulated five "SmackDown" Tag Team Title reigns, four "Raw" Tag Team Title reigns, and even won WWE's 2021 King of the Ring tournament.

Now one of the top stars in the company, Woods has surely come a long way from his days in Florida Championship Wrestling. Not only has Woods grown his popularity in the ring, but he's grown over on YouTube by running the UpUpDownDown gaming channel. Over on UpUpDownDown, UUDD, for short, Woods has had an impressive line of guests, but most notably, might just be DaParty.

Da Party consisted of Woods, former WWE star Tyler Breeze, and AEW stars Adam Cole and Claudio Castagnoli. However, fans of UUDD haven't seen DaParty come together in over a year. Obviously, this is because of the fact that three out of the four members are no longer a part of WWE. However, Breeze returned to UUDD earlier this year. During their time on the channel together, DaParty played games like "Super Mario Party," "Monopoly," and most notably "Uno." However, despite being apart for over a year, it seems that the four may get back together.

In a video recently shared by Woods, we saw Breeze Zoom call Cole, Woods, and Castagnoli. The four reenacted the old, popular, "wazzup" meme, before Breeze got ready to tell the crew why he called them all together. However, instead of revealing what he said next, fans got a "To be continued..." screen. Is this a hint for DaParty to reunite? Only time will tell.