Released WWE Superstar Reuniting With Xavier Woods On UpUpDownDown

UpUpDownDown fans can rejoice, for Tyler Breeze will be returning to the YouTube channel next week for the return of Battle of the Brands. Breeze's return was announced in a new video released by UUDD host Xavier Woods, who had been teasing a special announcement regarding the future of the channel.


In the video, which spoofs the science fiction film The Matrix, an unknown person watches as Woods enters a milk-white room. There Woods encounters Morpheus (also played by Woods), who offers him the choice of picking up a blue controller or a red controller. Before Woods could make his choice, Breeze appeared, slapped the controller out of his hand, and announced his return to the Channel next week while bantering with Woods.

Tyler Breeze has long been a staple of UUDD and was a core member of DaParty, a four-man group consisting of him, Woods, former WWE star Cesaro and current AEW star Adam Cole. Breeze continued to make appearances on UUDD even following his release from WWE in June of 2021. He has yet to make an in-ring return to the ring, taking a hiatus to heal up from injuries.


This will be the first Battle of the Brands episode on UUDD since October of last year. The UUDD channel went on hiatus towards the end of 2021, posting only WWE 2K22 content for months before Woods returned to the channel earlier this month. The 2021 King of the Ring winner has remained an active member of the Smackdown roster while also serving as one of the hosts of the G4 program Attack of the Show!.