Xavier Woods Reflects On His Triumphant King Of The Ring Victory

All hail King Xavier Woods. Since taking his rightful throne this week after Crown Jewel and at his coronation ceremony on last night's SmackDown, Woods and Kofi Kingston spoke with Kayla Braxton on this week's Talking Smack about what a majestic time it is for The New Day.


"It was incredible! Did you hear the people? To have this kind of response to something that has been so important to me for so long, it's insane," Woods stated on the thrilling shockwave from fans after his KOTR Tournament win. "The fact that people feel what I feel about this tournament, they legitimately understand what is in my heart and in my soul. I care for this, and now, they care for it too. I couldn't ask for a better coronation."

Kingston said from the very moment Woods joined the WWE roster, he's always been the king of the people. Now that he's won and wears the crown officially, it just rectifies that initial statement.

"It was amazing to be able to give my brother his flowers, you know, what he's earned over all these years, all the hard work. Without Woods, there's no New Day," Kingston stated. "Even UpUpDownDown, nobody had a video game channel until Xavier Woods concocted that in his brain and gave that to the world. He's always been the king of the people. So now to make it official with the crown on his head, you love to see it."


Making his younger self proud, Woods details just how big of a fan he was of the KOTR Tournament and what an astonishing moment it was for him to cap things off with Finn Balor.

"This is the coolest thing in all of wrestling," Woods declared. "To be able to go from that young kid who was watching wrestling, constantly loving WWE, I've got t-shirts, I'm going to shows, making signs to being in the tournament in itself is incredible. To be able to get past the first round, second round, then to be in the finals against Finn. What an incredible athlete he is. He's got so many accolades.

"Yeah, it might be one day in a WWE game Xavier Woods vs. Finn Balor, and it happened in real life because this is what I've been doing for years is speaking reality into existence. When I have a goal, I figure out how to reach that goal. And then, I turn into a pit bull, and I do not let go of what I want."

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