Chris Jericho Talks About Calling Out NFL Quarterback Lamar Jackson

AEW star and Ring of Honor World Champion Chris Jericho turned some heads last Wednesday when he hurled verbal shots at highly touted NFL quarterback Lamar Jackson during a live episode of "Dynamite." Jackson was in the crowd for the show in Baltimore, Maryland. Jackson was showered with "MVP" chants as he plays for the Baltimore Ravens.


During an appearance on ESPN's "Sedano & Kap" show, Jericho revealed that he and Jackson exchanged pleasantries just before he cut the in-ring promo.

"The thing with Lamar Jackson, which is great, like, I didn't know football, but I don't live in Baltimore," Jericho said. "So, I'm not really familiar with the Ravens, and Lamar was there earlier and asked to take a picture with me. He's a big fan of wrestling, a big fan of Chris Jericho. So, when I saw him in the crowd, I was like, 'This is great. We're friends now; we took a picture together. I can say this and he'll get a little laugh out of it, but no one else here knows that we just spent ten minutes prior.' They think, 'Oh, Jericho's gonna call out Lamar Jackson,' and what it does is get tons of mainstream publicity for AEW, tons of mainstream publicity for Lamar Jackson, everybody wins."


Jackson addressed Jericho's callout after Ravens practice last week. Jackson said he relished the moment as he grew up a wrestling fan. At the moment that Jericho took aim at Jackson, the NFL quarterback was seen laughing.

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