Natalya Believes Stephanie McMahon Could Bring Back Beloved WWE PLE

The future of all-women's wrestling pay-per-views has been a hot topic this week due to Billy Corgan's comments about a possible NWA EmPowerrr 2 happening. However, WWE fans are also eagerly awaiting the possibility of another WWE Evolution show. When speaking to "Faction 919" Natalya said, "I definitely see Stephanie wanting to do more with women's wrestling," when asked about the possibility of it happening again. Natalya was in a six-woman tag team match on that show, teaming with Sasha Banks and Bayley to defeat The Riott Squad, and ever since, those on the roster have made it clear they want Evolution to be a regular event, and Natalya is confident women's wrestling will keep growing.


"Stephanie has always wanted women to have more representation, she doesn't want a show where it's like, okay we have 75% male matches and we've got 25% women's matches. She wants a show where it's half men and half women, she wants equality for women in WWE, she has been very vocal about it and it's really, really cool," Natalya said. "One of the first things I thought about all of these new changes, especially with Stephanie and Triple H, they really care about women's wrestling."

Even though Triple H and Stephanie have often been praised for their work with the women's division, she will "always express so much gratitude to Vince [McMahon]" due to his impact on women's wrestling growth as well. However, it is clear from recent shows that Triple H is putting emphasis on the women. "When I was at "NXT" and Triple H was first introducing he said to me, 'I don't want to have it just be like oh those girls had a great wrestling match,'" Natalya revealed. "He said I want it to be where it's like, 'that was a great match.'"


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