Billy Corgan Questions If Women Can Wrestle NWA Style And Carry PPV

It's been well over a year now since NWA held EmPowerrr, an all women's wrestling event presented as part of NWA's 73rd Anniversary weekend in August 2021. And since it ended, many have been wondering when the NWA would be holding the second edition of the event. So far, the event has yet to reappear, and NWA President Billy Corgan has received criticism from several wrestling figures, including Women's Wrestling Project founder and AEW star Maria Kanellis-Bennett, for some of his statements as to why a second EmPowerr hasn't taken place

In an appearance on The Ten Count, the Smashing Pumpkins lead singer was asked about the possibility of EmPowerrr 2. And while Corgan seemed more open to the idea of another EmPowerrr than he has at other times, he again highlighted several reasons as to why he's not keen on running the event again at this time. "I'm really intrigued by the interest in EmPowerrr," Corgan said. "We continue to want to do it. We continue to have discussions with other companies about working together to create a fresh EmPowerrr event. When you create a world class event like EmPowerrr, and it was a world class event, we've set a very high standard of what you should expect. Of course there are plenty of great professional women's wrestlers in the world."

"Can they wrestle the NWA style? Can they carry a three hour PPV? Can they move the pace of women's wrestling, not just in wrestling, but in terms of international media forward? These are my concerns," Corgan continued. "Everyone has their own version of it. That's my version of it, and that's why I'm still on it. Until we can provide a world class event with some of the best [female] pro wrestlers in the world, then we won't do it."

Billy Corgan Considers Criticism Towards EmPowerrr 2 Stance Strange

As far as the criticism, or "weird howling" as Corgan calls it, for not holding another EmPowerrr goes, Corgan admitted that he found the criticism weird, and believes fans are taking EmPowerrr, which he considers a positive event, commercially and critically, and turning it into a negative. Corgan also addressed the PWI Women's 150 list, which Ten Count host Steve Fall suggested could be used as proof that there's enough talent for another EmPowerrr, and expressed skepticism towards it.

"I don't agree with a lot of the rankings right now," Corgan said. "There's a lot of people on that list that are very, very good, that are getting listed higher than their accomplishments. Is that a trendy thing, is that flavor of the moment? That's not to bury anybody, but my point is I see people listed high up in those rankings, and I don't agree with that. I just don't agree. There are people on that list that could not headline a WrestleMania event, and there are people that could headline a WrestleMania that aren't high on that list. So what does that tell you?"

Despite his stances, Corgan again wanted to make clear that he considers this sort of discussion/debate over women's wrestling, and the idea of a second EmPowerrr event, as positive dialog in the industry. "Here's the great thing," Corgan said. "We're debating something that's now important, that five years ago wasn't important. Anybody listening, don't take a positive and make a negative. It's good we're debating these things." The NWA's next major event, Hard Times 3, is set for November 12, and features World Women's Champion Kamille defending against KiLynn King and Chelsea Green in a three-way match.

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