Major Update On Status Of WWE 24/7 Championship

Introduced by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley in 2019, the company's 24/7 Championship has brought a bevy of intentional and unintentional comedy to WWE programming. Held by celebrities, professional athletes, WWE broadcast staff, Old Spice pitchmen, as well as numerous underutilized WWE Superstars, the title became something of a niche gem in the company's lineup of championship gold.


The 24/7 Championship is no longer listed among WWE's active championships on the company's website. Last seen on Monday, the title was last held by Nikki Cross after she won it from Dana Brooke, with the help of Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY). Later, in a backstage segment, Cross absent-mindedly attempted to drop the title in a garbage can, only to hit the rim of the can and send the title crashing to the floor, where the champion left it.

Brooke took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to bemoan Cross's treatment of the title belt, and WWE's general treatment of it as well.

"Everything I have worked for & tried to elevate," Brooke wrote. "LITERALLY IN THE TRASH!"

As of this writing, the record holder for most reigns with the WWE 24/7 Championship is R-Truth, who held the title a staggering 53 times. So dominant was Truth in the division that two other stars are tied for a distant second. Brooke and Akira Tozawa both have 15 recognized 24/7 Title wins on their resumes. Brooke's former storyline fiance Reggie had the longest reign, holding the title for 112 days in the first of his four runs with the green and gold title.