WOW, Impact, NJPW And Tales From The Territories Viewership Info

While it's usually relatively simple to find ratings information for the bigger wrestling shows on television, like "WWE SmackDown" or "AEW Dynamite," it's not always easy to keep track of viewership of the smaller shows. Thankfully, Wrestlenomics stays on top of the data.

A breakdown of the last week shows that Thursday's episode of "Impact Wrestling," up against both the World Series and Thursday Night Football, brought in 56,000 viewers on AXS TV. Immediately following that on the same network was New Japan Pro-Wrestling's TV series, which garnered 37,000 viewers. Both numbers are some of the lowest ratings of each respective series this year, likely due to the increased competition on Thursday night. NJPW reportedly had only 1,000 people watching in the 18-49 demographic, meaning it garnered a dreadful 0.0 rating –- its lowest of all time.

Meanwhile, "WOW: Women of Wrestling" continues to do respectable numbers, with 266,000 viewers on October 23 followed by 263,000 on October 30. Over on Vice TV, "Tales from the Territories" pulled in 101,000 viewers for its October 25 episode on the Florida territory, while just one week later it only garnered 34,000 viewers for its Stampede Wrestling episode, which went head-to-head with the World Series.

Now that the MLB season has come to an end, it remains to be seen whether ratings begin to stabilize. However, there is now the NBA to contend with, as well as the NHL. The NFL also still has two months to go in its regular season, with a game airing each Thursday night on Amazon Prime.