New WWE Signings Revealed As Part Of New Performance Center Class

A new crop of recruits has made its way to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

WWE posted a video to its official YouTube channel. The new prospects stood before the "NXT" audience and are introduced one by one. The individuals that make up the group were recruited from a tryout that WWE held during SummerSlam weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. An athlete-heavy group, the crop adheres to WWE's new vision for talent recruitment, which saw the company move away from traditional independent wrestlers in favor of other athletes and entertainers.

Most of the signees introduced in the video were first revealed back in August. However, there is a couple of new prospects that appeared in the video whose signings by WWE were not confirmed until now.

Skylor Clinton is shown as a member of the new class, and it was announced that he took part in the SummerSlam tryout along with the rest of the athletes in his class. As for new trainee Monika Klisara, said to have represented Canada in an unspecified karate competition. Her social media indicates she participated in the WrestleMania 38 tryout in April and first reported to the Performance Center as recently as September.

One name that was revealed in August as being signed by WWE from the Summerslam tryout was missing from the introduction of the new class: Gabrielle Dunn. Dunn's Instagram shows that she has been focusing recently on her karate career, as well as her wedding over the summer, which could be why she wasn't featured in the video.