Ricky Morton Discusses What He Would Do As A Pro Wrestling Coach

Ricky Morton wants young wrestlers to remember that matches aren't all about "me, me, me." Morton, who was one half of The Rock N' Roll Express with Robert Gibson, is known for being one of the greatest sellers in the history of pro wrestling.


On the latest episode of the "Under the Ring" podcast, Morton opened up about what he would focus on if he were given the chance to be a professional wrestling coach; an NWA Hall of Famer, Morton has expressed interest in coaching in the past on social media.

"It's a very special business," Morton, 66, said. "My love for this business, it means so much. If I could just make these guys understand it and love my business just the way I loved it, that they would stop and understand to make it a lot better and make their matches better than just me, me, me."

Morton said that he wants young wrestlers to slow down their thinking in the ring and remember that "we're onstage."

"Nowadays, everything is such a hurry," he said. "You know, the guys try to put a 20-minute match into five minutes. And as an average wrestling fan, they're sitting there watching and they don't understand. I want to put this back in there, like, dude, I mean, if you go to a Broadway show, they're not going 100 miles-per-hour. They're up there on that stage making you understand, clearly, every word that they're saying — and in our business clearly every move that they're doing — to tell the story that you're trying to get over. I'd like to put that back into it and make these guys understand what our business is really about."