Ricky Morton Muses About How Pro Wrestling Locker Rooms Used To Be 'Sacred'

Ricky Morton has been in the professional wrestling business for 45 years, most famously as a member of Hall of Fame tag team The Rock 'n' Roll Express with Robert Gibson. Even though they're both in their mid-60s now, Morton and Gibson still wrestle on the independent circuit, although Morton has wrestled more than double the matches Gibson has this year. The wrestling business has gone through plenty of changes during Morton's career, and many performers from his generation have problems with certain aspects of the business today, such as kayfabe being dead and wrestlers playing video games backstage. Morton an eight-time NWA World Tag Team Champion alongside Gibson, revealed what he misses about the 1980s era of pro wrestling.

"Our business being scared," Morton said on "Insider's Edge: A Pro Wrestling Podcast." "Nowadays everybody knows who's going to win because somebody is going to say something and before the match even starts, they know who's going to go over. You know, the fans already know who's going to win the belt three months from now. The fans will know who the next person is they're going to push."

Morton discussed another aspect of the pro wrestling business that used to be, in his words, sacred, but is not in the current day within various wrestling promotions. "The dressing rooms we were in were scared," Morton said. "Nowadays you go to shows and everybody, they got their mother, their kids, their girlfriend, all in the dressing rooms, you understand me, and that really bothers me. ... The sacredness of the business is gone and I hate that."

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