Torrie Wilson Recalls Pitch That Got Her Into Pro Wrestling

Some wrestlers grow up dreaming of becoming major figures in the industry, while others find that their paths in life just seem to lead them into it. Count Torrie Wilson among the latter. The former WWE and WCW star made a recent appearance on theĀ  Generation Iron Fitness Network and discussed how she first made her way into the wrestling business in 1999.

Wilson shared that she already had a small amount of public recognition before her first wrestling appearance, as she had competed in the Miss Galaxy competition and become a burgeoning fitness model. From there, all it took was her attending a WCW show for Wilson to catch the eye of talent and fans alike.

"I didn't know who any of them were, but I was taking pictures with Bill Goldberg and some people," Wilson said. "Then I met Kevin Nash, and he was like, 'I saw you in a green bikini in a magazine, and we have this storyline idea. Would you be interested in doing it, working with Ric Flair?' And it was just like acting segments, and so I said yeah."

Wilson started out managing David Flair, causing a rift between him and his father, all at the behest of the New World Order. She eventually turned on Flair and began managing WCW stars such as Billy Kidman and later Shane Douglas. From there, Wilson would find greater success when she signed with WWE following the demise of WCW. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2019 and has made several appearances in the Women's Royal Rumble since the company began holding the match in 2018.

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