Billy Corgan Weighs In On Nick Aldis' Chances Outside The NWA

Nick Aldis has been on a scorched earth campaign against the National Wrestling Alliance as of late. The former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion put in his notice to the company, leading to the NWA suspending him ahead of the NWA Hard Times 3 pay-per-view. NWA President Billy Corgan discussed the situation on "Busted Open Radio" and was asked about Aldis' chances in free agency. 


"I think he's gonna have a tough time," Corgan said. "Not as a wrestling talent, but the way he's dealing with this publicly, I can't imagine any company is looking at this and saying it's a good way to do business. He was tied to me for five years. We did business together for five years. I paid him a lot of money. Take your money, shake your hands, and go. Why the big ruckus?" 

Corgan chalked up Aldis' behavior to insecurity. "Nick believes he's a top guy," Corgan said. "Okay. Now we're gonna see. I wish him well. I invested in him because I believed he's a top guy. I was warned about this Nick Aldis before I signed Nick Aldis. As long as I gave Nick Aldis what he wanted? Nick Aldis was cheesecake and flowers. Now I'm meeting the Nick Aldis I was warned about."


'Does he really wanna bury Trevor Murdoch, Matt Cardona, and Tyrus?'

Corgan said the entire situation has left a "sour taste" in his mouth and that Aldis has done more than just disrespect him. "Does he really want to bury the locker room?" Corgan asked. "Does he really wanna bury Trevor Murdoch, Matt Cardona, and Tyrus? Does he really want to bury people that he does respect? Thom Latimer is Nick's best friend in the world. We have a match: Thom Latimer versus EC3. Does he want to bury that match too? Is that what he hates? Is that what he's so embarrassed by? Thom Latimer versus EC3? Am I supposed to apologize? 'Hey everybody, I'm so sorry. Latimer versus EC3. I'm sorry to make you watch that.' It's ridiculous!"


Corgan said Aldis also has issues with the mid-card of NWA's shows, which clashed with Corgan's philosophy on wrestling. "I grew up in a time where that stuff was important in a different way," Corgan said. "I'm not here to defend it, but if you look at my vision of wrestling — which not everybody agrees with — that's my bag. When I'm in meetings with network executives, they like the program. I've had a ton of meetings the last six months about the future of the NWA — they like the program. These are not wrestling fans. My argument has been ... you have to appeal to non wrestling fans to get the numbers up. You cannot just appeal to the hardcore fans that know where MJF buys his scarves. You have to go past that." 


Corgan doesn't think Aldis is being professional and believes he's working himself into a corner with his behavior. "Is what Nick's doing right now strictly about business? Not at all. That's so obvious to me," Corgan said. "Nick's a talented professional wrestler, he's working the crowd, he's working the marks, he's working the dirt sheets. Have at it. When this dust settles —and it will eventually settle — we will get to see if Nick Aldis is as good as he thinks he is."

If you use any quotes in this article, please credit "Busted Open Radio" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.