Nick Aldis Suspended By The NWA

It's been a busy day for Billy Corgan and the National Wrestling Alliance. The Smashing Pumpkins singer made waves again early this morning when he once again touched onĀ why a second edition of the all-woman NWA EmPowerrr show wasn't happening any time soon. Now, it appears the situation between the NWA and top star Nick Aldis is also coming to a head after Aldis announced he was giving NWA his notice.


The NWA sent the following press release to PWInsider regarding Aldis and his status with the promotion.

"Pursuant to the recent comments made by Nick Aldis, the National Wrestling Alliance has suspended Aldis from the main roster and effective immediately Aldis will not appear for the Hard Times 3 PPV and Revolution Rumble television tapings in New Orleans, LA on Nov. 12, 2022 and Nov. 13, 2022," the statement read. "As such, the National Wrestling Alliance reserves its right to comment on this matter at a future date."

PWInsider noted that they reached out to NWA COO Joe Galli after Aldis' suspension was announced, with Galli stressing that the suspension wasn't a storyline. Galli was unable to confirm if Aldis' suspension would affect TV tapings for the NWA in December, but did confirm that Aldis' contract with NWA would expire on December 31.


A two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Aldis has largely been seen as the NWA's top star since NWA was relaunched in 2017, and notably traded the NWA World title with Cody Rhodes in 2018. Things turned frosty between Aldis and the NWA this year however, with Aldis being removed from the NWA 74 main event earlier this summer, leading to speculation on whether promotion and top star had a falling out, or if the NWA was creating an elaborate worked shoot angle.