Steve Maclin's Wedding Date Held Special Meaning To Him

It's been a big week for Impact Wrestling's Steve Maclin and Deonna Purazzo. The two former WWE talents tied the knot last Thursday after getting engaged in February, and to add to the festivities, November 10 is also the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, which Maclin previously served in. "This whole weekend in general is just [incredible],"  Maclin told "Busted Open Radio." "My wife and I, we're actually just having brunch right now with the family, so I'm just chatting with you guys about Veteran's Day,"

Working with a company like Impact, which tapes large chunks of content all at once, allowed Maclin to attend the birthday party of the Marine Corps this year, and attending celebrations surrounding the love he has for both his wife and his Marine brothers had Maclin audibly emotional during his interview. 

"Some of us haven't even seen each other since actually in Afghanistan in 2009," he said. "So it was good for all of us to get together, to kind of get rough and rowdy. Whiskey was flowing and the Marine Corps hymn was sang, and a lot of fun was had ... Veteran's Day has always been a big thing in my family in general — my dad was Army, so that's why I chose the Marines. My uncle was a Marine, and also my grandfather was in the Army."

Though he's yet to obtain championship gold with Impact Wrestling, Maclin — who previously appeared on WWE programming as Steve Cutler of The Forgotten Sons — has been on an upwards trajectory ever since debuting in June 2021. This past September, he had a major victory in defeating former Impact World Champions Sami Callihan and Moose in a three-way Barbed Wire Massacre match.