Jake Roberts Names The One Man He Truly Hates

Jake Roberts may currently be a manager signed to AEW these days, but "The Snake" has been around the world of professional wrestling since the 1970s, making a name for himself across various promotions before ultimately being inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame in 2014. Between Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic Championship, Georgia Championship, and Stampede Wrestling, as well as WWE, ECW, TNA, and now AEW, Roberts has undoubtedly a wide array of personalities across the industry. Among all of them, however, only one has earned the distinction of being hated.


Speaking with Diamond Dallas Page on the latest episode of the "DDP Snake Pit" podcast, the veteran elaborated on why Bill Watts — a man whose career began in the 1960s and lasted for over 30 years — earned that position. "I know hate is a strong word but that is one man I truly hate," Roberts said. 

It all started when Roberts made the jump from WWE to WCW in 1992. Kip Allen Frey was running things at the time, but shortly after the contract was finalized Watts would take over and allegedly tear that contract up right in front of him. Roberts already didn't care for Watts from their days together in Mid-South Wrestling, and their relationship did not improve over time; how he treated others only made matters worse.


"I hate bullies and he was the biggest bully there was," Roberts continued. "Whenever he would verbally attack Ernie Ladd, knowing that Ernie couldn't say anything back or he'd lose his job. He loved to belittle people, man. He was racist of course, without a doubt. Other than that, he was a real piece of s**t."

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