Ronda Rousey On Vince McMahon Booking Her Differently Than Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has undoubtedly earned the nickname of "The Beast” through his work in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. After his first run in the UFC, Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012, officially beginning his overwhelming path of destruction. There, Lesnar went on to capture the World Heavyweight Championship from John Cena at SummerSlam 2014, before later carved out a historic 504-day reign as the WWE Universal Champion from 2017-2018.


Along his various title reigns, he cemented himself as an "invincible monster," according to Ronda Rousey in her recent "Ronda On The Road" episode. Though Lesnar and Rousey have similar crossover within the MMA and wrestling worlds, the current "SmackDown" Women's Champion believes former WWE CEO Vince McMahon didn't see her playing the same impenetrable character as Lesnar once did. "There's this more vulnerable side of me," she said, "but not vulnerable like, 'Oh, I'm being hurt.' It's more of like, I gotta to find ways to challenge myself more and more and more."

Following her win against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania Backlash, Rousey admitted that she was "not trying to hide [her] limits" during her first run with the title. She wanted to defend her championship "all the time" and not try to "duck and drudge" challenges just to hold on to it. In addition, Rousey wanted her matches to feel important, and make them a must-see attraction for fans. "I don't want there to be any filler," she said. "I want the progression of matches to have a flow and meaning to them, almost like an album." During her first run with the "SmackDown" Women's Championship, Rousey racked up a couple successful title defenses against the likes of Raquel Rodriguez and Natalya, before being dethroned by Liv Morgan at Money in the Bank