Chris Jericho Has Olympic Sized Plans For Pro Wrestling

Professional wrestling has never been a part of the Olympics due to its outcomes being predetermined. However, some people believe that the scripted sport should in fact make its way into the Olympics, with one of those people being the current ROH World Champion Chris Jericho. While on "Talk is Jericho," "The Ocho" explained why he would like pro wrestling to become an official Olympic sport.

"I literally want to go in front of the IOC, the International Olympic Community, and pitch pro wrestling as an Olympic sport. Now, you might go, 'How can you do that? It's all,' now, hold on. Stop right there. Gymnastics, pairs gymnastics, figure skating, pairs figure skating, what is that? It's two people working together to put on the best performance possible ... There is no way we could not do the same with pro wrestling."

While professional wrestling is not currently a sport in the Olympics, amateur wrestling is part of the summer games. Currently signed to WWE is Gable Steveson — an amateur wrestler who took home the gold medal at the most recent Olympics in summer 2021. Prior to Steveson, WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle famously won a gold medal with a "broken freakin' neck." Following his Olympic gold medal win, Angle went on to win multiple World Championships throughout WWE and Impact Wrestling and became a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. While Angle is the only gold medalist to go on to have a successful WWE career, stars such as Bad News Brown, Mark Henry, and Chad Gable also took part in the Olympics as well.

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