MJF Issues First Comments As AEW World Champion

MJF finally fulfilled his destiny by winning the big one in All Elite Wrestling, becoming the World Champion by defeating Jon Moxley in the Full Gear main event, and finally holding the company's most prestigious belt.

Staying true to tradition in AEW after his career-defining win, MJF joined the event's post-show media scrum, doing so in a different fashion than previous champions. "The Devil" stormed into the scrum as AEW Owner Tony Khan was speaking, shouting about how the times "are changing" now that he's AEW World Champion.

"Let's talk, shall we?" MJF said. "AEW is now destination television once again, the ship has been steered properly. Once again, this belt is now the most important belt in the entire sport and it stands for three letters and it damn sure ain't AEW, I know for a motherf***ing fact it ain't MOX, it's MJF."

During the build-up to the match, MJF teased a turn to the light side, which was proven to be false when he used heel tactics to earn his first championship with the company. In typical MJF fashion, however, the night wasn't without controversy, as Moxley's manager William Regal turned on his Blackpool Combat Club member, tossing MJF a pair of brass knuckles to secure his iconic victory.

"You morons bit on every single word I had to say this past couple of months," MJF said. "'I want to earn it, I want to...' F*** that. I deserve it because I'm the best wrestler in the f***ing world and every single one of you knows it. On the microphone, in the ring, nobody can touch me, that's a fact, nobody is on my level. And then you guys still believe me when I put over this motherf***er [points at Tony Khan], grow the f*** up, no offense [Tony], grow up."

As far as where MJF's allegiance with Regal stands, the newly crowned champ teased when he'll reveal the news while giving the media members in attendance a typical MJF goodbye message.

"If you want to know anything about the most important man in professional wrestling, you've got to tune into the MJF show. That's every Wednesday on TBS and you know damn well that's destination TV."

"Thank you, f*** you, bye. The champ's f***ing out, baby," MJF said as he left the media scrum.