CJ Perry Gives Example Of Vince McMahon Being More 'Traditional' Than Triple H

CJ Perry has detailed an example of what made Vince McMahon more "traditional" than Paul "Triple H" Levesque. A new regime has taken over WWE after McMahon retired as the company's CEO and Chairman. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are the co-CEOs, with the former also serving as the Chairwoman. Levesque is the Chief Content Officer.


Perry, who worked as Lana in WWE, was released by the company one year before the changes took effect. Even so, she noticed differences between McMahon and Levesque. During an interview with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, she discussed what made McMahon more traditional.

"But I feel like... No, I feel like if I'm able to... It's just the right story, and I want to create something that becomes undeniably undeniable and has to be brought in even if people are hesitant. And I think with a lot of us, women of my generation and younger being in manager roles, we are literally changing the game as we go. Because 10 years ago, five years ago even, Triple H was giving women a lot of opportunities in this space of being a manager, but Vince was a little bit more traditional and he almost didn't want me to be paired with Miro, because he's like, 'A hot girl can't be with a heel guy, or he'll get cheered.'"


Perry then revealed her mindset when McMahon didn't want her to be paired with her husband, Miro, who was known as Rusev in WWE.

"And it's like, 'Well, why can't you be hot and evil?' This is... For what? I don't understand. There's a bunch of people like that in real life. Why can't we do that?"