Shawn Michaels Recalls Working With Jimmy Hart On His WWE Theme Song

A great wrestler with iconic theme music is a combination that rarely fails in the art of professional wrestling. Shawn Michaels' theme song is one of the most well-known theme songs amongst WWE fans, with him typically coming out full of over-the-top personality and energy. The two men who worked on the version of the song that has been used for most of Michaels' career are "The Heartbreak Kid" himself and WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart. Michaels discussed working on his theme song alongside Hart during a recent interview.


"I ended up singing it, Jimmy Hart wrote, and originally, Sensational Sherri sung it," Michaels said appearing on "Games with Names." "Jimmy Hart came to me one time and was like, 'Hey, baby, we're thinking we got this great idea. You know, maybe you sing your song,' and I said, 'Jimmy, God, I can't carry a note' ... He said, 'Don't you worry. We'll get in the studio. You know, we've got all this stuff we can do to fix it.' I was like, 'I mean, I'll give it a try.'"

Michaels revealed he did not anticipate his character to act a certain way at first. "I turned into this, I don't know, this dude wearing assless chaps and this dude shaking my ass and dancing and half-strip teasing," Michaels added. "The more I did it, the more natural, just the better it felt. I could just really, I don't know, unless and sort of become whatever it is I want. But, I never imagined it that way."


Hart discussed an interesting note about Michaels' theme song while speaking to Wrestling Inc. Senior Editor Nick Hausman earlier this year, revealing that it was Vince McMahon's idea to have the legendary WWE Superstar sing it.