The Miz And WWE HOFer Announced For New NBC Game Show

NBC is bringing their version of UK game show "The Wheel" to viewers for two weeks in December, and the WWE Universe will recognize a couple of celebrity guests that have been confirmed (via Newsbreak).


"The Wheel" is a quiz show following "six celebrity guests 'spinning, advising and supporting charismatic contestants as they endeavor to be the last one standing.'" Current WWE superstar The Miz has been confirmed for the December 20 episode, entitled "Boats, Soaps & Wrestling Ropes." And while he won't be joined by this particular WWE Hall of Famer on that same episode, fans can catch them on the December 29 episode entitled "A Spin, a Twin & a Win." That night, one of the contestants will be relying on the help of Brie Bella.

Currently serving as an ambassador for WWE, Bella has built quite a life for herself within the entertainment industry — which includes "Total Bellas," a show which stars her and her twin sister Nikki — as well as a podcast and memoir. Bella was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame alongside Nikki in 2020. The Miz, of course, got his television start back in 2001 as part of "The Real World" and has gone on to win countless championships in WWE while continuing on with his seemingly never-ending work outside of the ring as well. "The Wheel" kicks off on Monday, December 19 at 10:00 pm ET and runs for roughly two weeks (10 episodes) on NBC, and can also be seen streaming on Peacock.