Teddy Long Pitches Authority Figure Angles For Triple H And Tony Khan

One WWE Hall of Fame general manager has some advice for both his former company and its biggest rival, AEW.

Speaking exclusively with Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Teddy Long urged both companies to flaunt their backstage leaders and embrace professional wrestling's long history of using authority figures as heels.

"People miss that," Long told Wrestling Inc, offering up some ideas about how both companies could reignite authority storylines – especially in the wake of recent backstage drama in AEW.

"It'd be a perfect story," Long said, touching on both companies. "[Triple H and Tony Khan] feel like they're being shoved out now, they're being cast to the side by the young generation. And then those are the guys that made this, and now you got some guys just going to come in that didn't pay no dues, and they're just going to take over? No, we're going to stop this. You got something right there. It just has to be good versus evil. It's just that simple."

While Long conceded that angle may not work specifically with Khan given he's never wrestled before, the longtime "SmackDown" general manager suggested AEW could introduce other characters around Khan who might cloud his decision-making.

"You have somebody come in, and maybe it'd be a girl, and start snuggling up to him," Long said. "Have a girl come in, but we know she ain't no good. We know she's up to no good, but Tony Khan doesn't know she's up to no good. And then that way, she's running everything. She's just calling the shots, and she's really messing s*** up."

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