The Elite Share Footage Of Profane CM Punk Chant From AEW Full Gear

The Elite — Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks — made their long-awaited return to AEW at Full Gear this past Saturday; this also marked their first appearance since All Out and the infamous media scrum that followed. Yet while they came out on the losing end against Death Triangle in seeking to regain the AEW Trios World Championship they were forced to vacate, it was apparent by the reception given to them by the fans that they had been missed. The same might not be able to be said about CM Punk, whose status with the company remains up in the air and who, as a result, was not a part of Full Gear in any capacity; his name certainly came up during the PPV in unflattering fashion. The Elite are eager to share that fact with you.

On the latest episode of "Being The Elite" – their first video in over two months — clips of their return are shown, including their entrance which sees Kansas' "Carry On Wayward Son" replaced by music with the lyrics "No I don't take s**t, I got no love for the fakeness." If that wasn't subtle enough, they also added a portion of the match when fans erupted into a "F**k CM Punk" chorus shortly after showering the former Trios champs with chants of "Welcome back." BTE holds on that particular moment for a solid 10 seconds before getting back to more in-ring action; the song then continues "Hilarious, you think you're worth my time you're delirious. Mysterious, because you hide behind a fake exterior ..."

From there, more footage of The Elite vs. Death Triangle from Full Gear is capped off by a little post-defeat disappointment from Omega and the Young Bucks. CM Punk remains in AEW limbo for the time being, but it's safe to say that The Elite are firmly back in AEW after this weekend.