Tony Khan Gives Update On Future Of ROH

One of the biggest criticisms of AEW throughout its three-year history is the amount of time that Ring of Honor titles and talent are featured on "Dynamite" and "Rampage" since Tony Khan bought the company back in March. While Khan has revealed that he is in talks to secure a television deal for ROH, nothing has been made concrete. However, Khan has updated fans about what they can expect from ROH in the future.

"I'm open to different things, but I've been very open [about the fact that] I'm very interested in weekly Ring Of Honor television in addition to what we're doing now with Warner Brothers Discovery," Khan said on the media call ahead of Full Gear this Saturday. "[It has been] a very lucrative partnership we're pursuing because so far this has been – on a per event basis – the greatest year of Ring of Honor pay-per-view history... I think there is a business case for it in a way that does not cannibalize AEW pay-per-views or live events."

Khan provided some insight as to why he features ROH titles and talent on AEW programming, adding that since ROH currently has no television deal and AEW only has three hours of television per week, he uses the time that he has to help build up storylines heading into ROH pay-per-views that would otherwise struggle to gain momentum.

"I do think next year I would potentially re-evaluate that because, yeah I do want to keep the focus on the AEW championships," Khan continued. "That's what the idea is."

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