Tony Khan’s “Massive Announcement” Revealed On AEW Dynamite

Throughout the past few weeks, Tony Khan and various AEW stars have hyped a "massive announcement" to be revealed on tonight's episode of Dynamite. Tony even promised to personally appear in the ring for the big moment, which was a promise he fulfilled at the opening of the show this evening.


After thanking the crowd and promising the get the action going soon, Tony Khan said it would be the biggest night in the history of the company.

It was revealed that the major announcement is Tony Khan signed a deal to become the official owner of Ring Of Honor.

It was noted earlier this week in a report that sources from multiple wrestling companies say there was a possible sale of ROH and another promotion. It's clear now that the deal was between AEW and Ring Of Honor.

ROH has been on a hiatus since December's Final Battle pay-per-view, and Supercard of Honor is scheduled to be their first show back on Friday, April 1. The company announced in the lead-up to Final Battle that they were taking some time off during the first quarter of this year to "work internally to reimagine" the company and return with a "new fan-focused product and provide a unique experience." You can click here for the updated Supercard of Honor line-up and more news from the company.


Tony Khan previously indicated that the announcement was not related to any individual talent acquisition, and instead, it had to do with a new business deal for AEW. He recently stated that keeping the details quiet was because the AEW legal team had him under NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) until everything was finalized, but assured fans that it would be "huge" for the promotion.

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You can see a press release from Tony Khan below: