Tony Khan On When He Will Reveal His “Massive” AEW Announcement

AEW President, CEO, General Manager & Head Of Creative Tony Khan is planning on making his "massive" announcement during Wednesday's Dynamite episode from Daily's Place at Jacksonville, FL.

As we've noted, Khan first revealed to Busted Open Radio last Friday how he'd been "working on something pretty big" for AEW, calling it "massive" and something that would be a "big deal in pro wrestling." It was reported the next day that Khan was in meetings all day that Friday, trying to put together the "massive" deal for AEW.


No other details were provided until AEW tweeted a pre-Dynamite video this week, where Khan said he hopes to reveal the announcement soon, noting that the AEW legal team has him under NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) to prevent him from revealing any details before the deal was finalized. Khan noted in that video that they were "working on something that's going to be really great for the fans and the wrestlers, and it's going to be awesome."

He added in Wednesday's video, "I am so excited, and I don't know exactly when we'll be able to tell the fans, but I know that it's coming very soon so stay tuned to AEW. Stay tuned to AEW, I promise you something big is coming. It's not like 'The First Dance' where I can put a date and a time and a place on it and say that I know exactly when, but it is like 'The First Dance' in that I know something big and important is coming to AEW and I'm very excited about it. It's a little bit different than anything we've done before, but it's going to be awesome."


In an update, Khan returned to Busted Open Radio today and provided an update on the "massive" announcement. He noted that he's looking to reveal the big news during Wednesday's AEW Dynamite on TBS.

"I am going to tell everyone right now you definitely don't want to miss Wednesday night Dynamite next week," Khan teased. "I've been talking a lot about a big announcement in the world of pro wrestling — not only is there going to be a lot of great wrestling on the show, the Casino Tag Battle Royale, 15 tag teams entering the ring. I'm going to add a lot more to the card, but I'm going to promise you guys right now that I have a huge announcement coming. Nobody knows what it is. It's going to be something very important in the wrestling business. It's not one particular piece of talent, it's something very special and I'm excited about it. I believe it's something we'll be in position to announce on Wednesday. So I'm pretty excited about that."

There is still no word on what Khan has to announce, but we will keep you updated.

AEW has already announced two matches for Wednesday's Dynamite, which will be the go-home show for the Revolution pay-per-view – six-man action with Adam Cole and reDRagon vs. AEW World Champion "Hangman" Adam Page, John Silver and Alex Reynolds, plus the Casino Tag Battle Royale to determine who will join AEW World Tag Team Champions Jurassic Express and reDRagon in the Triple Threat title match at Revolution.


Stay tuned for more on Khan's announcement. For those who missed it, below is the video Khan released on Wednesday before Dynamite:

(H/T to WrestleZone for the quote)