Chris Jericho Could Soon Be Making 'Christory'

Could AEW star Chris Jericho be looking to add some new layers to his current wrestling persona? According to some recent filings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it looks like that could be the case. Jericho filed for trademarks on "Christory," "This Day in Christory," and perhaps most oddly "Seltzer Man," on November 16.


While the first two trademarks seem relatively self-explanatory, "Seltzer Man" seems to be the odd man out. Could the current Ring of Honor World Champion be looking to introduce his own brand of seltzer just as he did with champagne just a few years ago? Maybe the ever-changing Jericho could be looking towards a run as some sort of seltzer-themed superhero character? While that last one seems like something of a stretch, there's just no telling what Jericho intends here. It's even possible that the AEW star filed this trademark along with the others as a gag to throw people off the scent.

Whatever the case is with "Seltzer Man," it seems that Jericho intends to capitalize on his lengthy run in the wrestling business by sharing a little bit of "Christory" with fans. "This Day in Christory" implies that Jericho will be sharing facts about his career, though it remains to be seen what form that takes.


In the past, Jericho had been one of the industry's biggest proponents for wrestlers trademarking their intellectual property. During a recent appearance on "Howie Mandel Does Stuff," Jericho revealed that KISS bassist Gene Simmons told him years ago to trademark everything he could regarding his name and persona – a piece of advice that the veteran wrestler clearly took to heart.